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MSCG provides financial management tools and services that allow a client to focus on fiscal and strategic growth. These services include conducting financial system and process assessments, designing and developing new or enhanced online resource-tracking and reporting systems.
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MSCG offers enterprise-wide information technology services to its clients to give them superior information management and security—from desktop management services that ensure availability, scalability, reliability, and optimum performance, to enterprise-wide data warehousing.
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MSCG offers onsite services and customized training to enhance the quality of leadership within an individual or organization. We work within an organization to guide strategic planning, build motivation and teamwork, resolve conflicts, assess and improve processes, and manage change at all levels.
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MSCG offers professional writing and editing services with highly qualified senior writing/editing staff with over 30 years of experience in developing a wide range of publication types and media. MSCG’s technical writers are experienced in developing and editing government policies and regulations.
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Since its inception over a decade ago, MSCG helps clients to enhance the quality of their programs through training, onsite technical assistance, and program management. We offer training solutions for an audience of just a few attendees to a session that involves over 1,000 participants.
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MSCG's Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) plan, coordinate, and conduct training programs, workgroup meetings, and other client-requested special events. These services range from theme planning to event evaluations.

Management Solutions Consulting Group, Inc. (MSCG) is a management consulting firm designed to support and improve the business management practices of our clients. MSCG’s goal is to be the premier international leader in management consulting services by improving the success of our clients through innovation, quality service, and cutting-edge solutions. Our nationwide resource pool of licensed and certified consultants provides a breadth and depth of program expertise that includes, but is not limited to the following: MSCG’s experienced staff and technological tools enable rapid deployment of our subject matter experts whenever and wherever support is needed—especially those serving rural and tribal communities requiring multi-lingual and culturally-sensitive professionals. Our staff and consultants are public health experts, such as, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals; equal employment opportunity (EEO) attorneys, investigators and mediators; business and financial management consultants, and experts in law enforcement, and criminal and juvenile justice programs. Business leaders are responsible for managing complex programs and organizations that need a myriad of support services over and above program expertise, which is why MSCG provides wraparound services with experienced and certified professionals: